WHAT's New in GPLshift+ (and Help)


  • Support for Logitech's DFGT many buttons (not tested)
  • First version of the Support for Fanatec GT3 RS Wheel Display: (LED) GPLshift.ini: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [ FANATEC GT3RS WHEEL LED ]---------------------------------------------------- ;The following is GPLshift Support for Fanatec GT3 ;RS Wheels Display (LED) with GPL in different ways ;Requires driver version 104 (or newer) from Fanatec DisplayFollowingInfoSt = 1 ;OPTIONS: 0 1 ;EFFECT: ;1 = Support following Player CAR Info in GPL Play ; mode (only), select one of them or more: ;OPTION: SPEED FUEL OP OT FP RPM RPS GEAR FPS DisplayFollowingInfo = "SPEED FUEL RPM" ;RPM = 1/10, RPS = Pr. sec. ;Remember to keep the info names inside quotation ;marks ;-------------------------------------------------- SwBetweenInfo_Button = 1 ;OPTIONS: # ## ;EFFECT: ;1 = Selected GT3RS Wheel Button 1 to switch between ;"DisplayFollowingInfo = SPEED FUEL..." info on the ;GT3 Display - NB: Press & hold the button about 2 ;second and the first info will be display again ;-------------------------------------------------- OneButton4EachInfo = 1 ;OPTIONS: 0 1 ;EFFECT: ;1 = Enabled using of one GT3 Wheel Button for one ;Info on GT3 Wheel Display (no effect in Replay) ;NB: If you have enabled "DisplayFollowingInfo =" ;Part (DisplayFollowingInfoSt = 1) then will info ;below only be displayed as long as you pressing ;the button, but Double click with the button ;will switch permanent to the info ;OPTIONS: # ## ;EFFECT: ;Here follows demo. of GT3 wheel Pad/buttons setup: ;NB: Your cannot use other game ctrl. buttons here ;and GT3 Wheel D-Pad acts here as Button 21, 22, 23 ;& 24 SPEED_Button = ;GT3 Wheel ........ for displaying the ;Player Car SPEED (KM/H or MPH) FUEL_Button = ;GT3 Wheel ........ for Displaying the ;Fuel Level (Liters) OP_Button = 23 ;GT3 Wheel D-Pad Down selected for Displaying the ;Oil Pressure ... [ PRIBLUDA ]------------------------------------------------------------------- PrevPribludaDeleteText = 1 ;OPTIONS: 0 1 ;EFFECT: ;1 = Prevent PRIBLUDA (c) A. Karmal/D. Fedorov(?) ;overwriting "GPLShift: Has Detected..." messages, ;PRIBLUDA will come back with GPL Cars info after ;GPLshift has deleted owne text, this function has ;been found Okay with Pribluda v0.97, 1.121 JULY 3, ;v2.000 Updated by Mike/Ntoxicated(?) ------------------------------- END of .INI file ------------------------------ Please notice that the GT3 Display support only works if GPLshift finds Fanatec plugin "PorcsheWheelPlugin.dll" file in ...\GPL\ root Go to fanatec webside and download the lates GT3RS Wheel Driver: July 2010: www.fanatec.com / SUPPORT, PC: "Porsche 911 GT3 Wheel (PC)" Download Driver PW32 104 or PW64 104 (or later) Unzip PW_XX_Driver_104.zip & copy porscheWheelplugin.dll from this package to GPL's Root (where you have GPL.EXE) Install the Fanatec software, it will create a "Porsche Wheel Property Page" icon This plugin does not support GPL direct! to get around this problem do the following, (once and for all) Click on the "Porsche Wheel Property Page" icon and you should see a list over installed Game Device, Click on the "Properties" button for "Porche Wheel" click on "Telemetry Data" TAB/Button, for it seems to fix 2 problems: "GT3LED not display anything" & GT3 wheel's button & Shifter have wrong numbers, Do NOT change the telemetry setup, it's only for "rFactor" racing sim. and has no effect for GPL! The support has already been Enable + set up with buttons in GPLshift.ini: Shows Player Car's "SPEED" (default) and switch to "FUEL" & "RPM" (1:10) with GT3 Wheel's button 1 see under [ FANATEC GT3RS WHEEL LED ] in GPLshift.ini for all setups/changes. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Fixed Problems:

  • [ TripleHead2Go Adjustment ]'s "Adjust_InCarView = AUTO" should no longer

    block for use of GEM+ tool's "Field of View" setup, so long as you don't using

    the TH2G Unit and the [ ZOOM ] support is disabled.

  • Moved Pitboard up in TH2G's 5040x1080, to get free off front tire. (not tested)
  • Moved side mirrors inside center Monitor in TH2G's 5040x1080. (not tested)
  • I have just bought myself a 24" Monitor & my beloved GPL running now 1920x1080

    for first time, and could see [ ZOOM ],s Default & Max. positions needed to be

    adjust - Fixed now.

  • PRIBLUDA will not overwrite GPLshift messages anymore, GPLshift.ini: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    PrevPribludaDeleteText = 1 ;OPTIONS: 0 1 ;EFFECT: ;1 = Prevent PRIBLUDA Tool overwrite "GPLShift:..." ;messages, PRIBLUDA will come back with GPL Car ;info after GPLshift has deleted own text ------------------------------- END of .INI file ------------------------------


    August 3, 2010


  • Fixed the problem with dead Logitech G27 buttons

    November 27, 2009

    v0.7.8.0: (only out for Private Test)

  • AUTOmatic Detecting & Support for Logitech G27 Shifter

    November 15, 2009

  • Button #17 and Higher, should work now in the [ SEND CHAT MESSAGE ] Function July 19, 2009:

  • AUTOmatic adjustment of TripleHeadGo View, so you have the CAR & side Mirrors + PitBoard inside center monitor And use good old [ ZOOM ] Function to change the new Default position, SAVE it with the HOME key, same way as when using singe monitor, See in GPLshift.ini: ... [ TripleHead2Go Adjustment ]--------------------------------------------------- Adjust_InCarView = AUTO ;OPTIONS: OFF AUTO ;EFFECT: ;AUTO = Will move the CAR with Mirror inside Center ; Monitor (Default) - Please notice: The AUTO ; Mode will also Enable the needed [ ZOOM ] ; Function in "Zoom_In_Out_Mode = KA" Mode ; if GPLshift find it Disabled, (OFF) But you ; can always change [ ZOOM ] Mode to using ; POV or BUTTONs, See under here for saving ; changed (TH2G) position, ("UserDefineFOV") ;-------------------------------------------------- [ ZOOM ]----------------------------------------------------------------------- ... FIXED BUGS: I have just received loooong waited Logitech G25 w/Shifter and found that button 16-19 not working in GPL, Okay now. GPLshift's different functions should also work now with button #17 and higher Wrong CHAT name "NotProblem" -> "No Problem" The conflict between GPL's old Look Left/Right 45deg. via Z,X keys, with GPshift 73/122Deg. Support. Smaller problems with using .POV in GPLshift.ini
    Known TH2G issues need to be fixed/adjusted: (later!)

    Adjust F10 Arcade View position (zooming)
    Adjust Replay position? (zooming)
    Option for moving all GPL's own text (and GPLshift's) to center (/left/right) monitor
    TrackIR: Evt. keep Pitboard inside Center Monitor.

    My GPL setup for TripleHead2Go test June 2009:

    I haven't drive GPL since May 2008 and when I tried last month I only got Graphic & CTD errors! Heeeelp,
    But okay after following installings: Big Thanks to these creater/owner!!! BTW

    Installed GPL US/UK v1.2.0.2 via GPLPS GPL Installer (gplinstallermax_0.97_*.exe) to C:\Sierra\GPL\

    (remember to have your org. GPL CD ready)

    Installed Nigel's GPL Custom D3D & OpenGL Raterisers v2.5 (gplrast_v2.5.rar)

    Windows XP 32bit Home P. Danish: Desktop -> 3840x1024 resolution (or 5040x1080 if supported by TH2G)

    so I can select same resolution in GPL's Graphic Option + change from RastD3D to OpenGLv2


  • Support for NaturalPoint's New TrackIR 5th. Generation Software and Hardware
  • Use Button for reseting TELETALE (instead of SHIFT+T keys)
    [ TELLTALE RESET ]------------------------------------------------------------- DeviceButtonNumber = 1.8 ;OPTIONS: OFF #.# #.## ;EFFECT: ;... ;--------------------------------------------------
    June 27, 2009


  • Support for Fanatec Porsche 911 Wheel's Shifter & all Buttons: [ FANATEC PORSCHE WHEEL ]------------------------------------------------------ ButtonsInNumericalOrder = 1 ;OPTIONS: 0 1 ;EFFECT: ;1 = Button 1 2 3... on the wheel as number 1 2 3.. ; instead of 18 17 19... ( Shifter as 13 - 19 ) ; This is only for the Porsche911 Wheel and need ; Driver version (or newer) from Fanatec ; to work (PWT_driver_048.zip) ;--------------------------------------------------
  • GPL counts button from 1 (one) instead of 0: (zero) [ GPL BUTTONS ]--------------------------------------------------------------- CountingButtonsFromOne = 1 ;OPTIONS: 0 1 ;EFFECT: ;1 = GPL counting buttons from 1 (one) instead of 0 ; in this .INI file and GPL“s Set Contollers ;-------------------------------------------------
  • GPL Support now 32 Button instead of only 16 with the Porsche 911 wheel: Fanatec Porsche Wheel have 12 buttons and GPL can see 16 so it should be enough, but if the Porsche Wheel running ex as 3rd. game controller then we have problems: 1st. GamePad takeing 10 buttons ---> 6 left 2nd. Joystick takeing 3 buttons ---> 3 left 3rd. only 3 of Porsche Wheel's 12 buttons can be uset with GPL 32 Buttons support enabled: all 12 buttons can be uset in GPL's "Set Controllers" no need for disconnect other game Ctrl. CHANGES: GPLshift Support for old GPL version has been disabled. GPLpatch.exe file has been renamed to GPLshift_Patch.exe (okay delete old GPLpatch.exe) WhatsNew.txt ---> GPLshift_WhatsNew0750.txt ReadMe###.txt ---> GPLshift_Readme0750.txt
    May 4, 2008


  • Support for the new Dec. 2007 released CAR66 Mod with 16 different Cars + the 3 Graphic:
  • Fixed the CTD when enabled ShftErr.wav support (Clutch_Shift_Sound =)
  • Fixed the missed [ DRIVER VIEW ] moving
  • Fixed the missed part of TrackIR moving
    Other problems:
  • Fixed the Look Right 45 degress on wrong button (Look_Right45d_Button =)
  • Fixed the mixture between [ ZOOM ] & [ DRIVER VIEW ] support on ARROW keys
    About the Logitech G25 Shifter support in Japan:
  • Added search for "Logicool G25 Racing Wheel USB"
    February 1, 2008


  • Fixed some "Logitech G25 Wheel w/Shifter Support without ACT LABS Box installed" bugs (wrong gear shift)
    BTW: Remember that the Logitech Shifter support only give currect GPL gear shift with this setup of G25 Shifter buttons:
    G25 Shifter: ........... GPL gear position:
    Button 8 (9th.) ........... 1st. gear
    Button 9 .................. 2nd. gear
    Button 10 ................. 3rd. gear
    Button 11 ................. 4th. gear
    Button 12 ................. 5th. gear
    Button 13 ................. 6th. gear
    Button 14 ................. R. gear
    (remember that buttons counts from 0)
    Feb 1, 2007


  • Fixed some problems with Logitech G25 Racing Wheel together with ACTLABS device: You can now use Logitech G25 Wheel with ACT LABS Shifter connected to 3-IN-1 / 1-IN-1 Box.

    Logitech G25 Wheel+Shifter with ACTLABS Perf. 3 Pedals unit connected to 3-IN-1 Box should also work now

  • Removed the Driver Arm animation & sound when go to neutral position with Logitech Shifter (same way as with ACTLABS Shifter)
    Jan. 27, 2007


  • Automatic Detecting and Support for Logitech G25 Shifter


  • Automatic Detecting and Support for NP's TrackIR + Message below In Car / Arcade View if found (no need for "LookAroundMode = 1.TIR" setup anymore)
  • Use the TrackIR Unit + Buttons/POV for LOOK AROUND & Quick LOOK Left/Right in 73/122 deg.
  • Support for Ghostve's FFShifter software keys gearshift and keep the Joystick FFB effect: (no need for unplug, plug back the USB Joystick) And I can also use the Joystick Buttons, POV (in gplshift.ini) & e.g. the Throttle, Handle Twist Axes (remember to Calib. them) [ FFShifter Support ]---------------------------------------------------------- FFShifter_Keys_Support = 1 ;OPTIONS: 0 1 ;EFFECT: ;1 = Enable key support for Ghostve“s FFShifter sw. ;if found: W:1 S:2 E:3 D:4 R:5 G:6 Q:Reverse gear ;-------------------------------------------------- ;Do not Initial following FFShifter Joystick FFB in ;GPL for examble in my case Logitech FF Joystick: ;(max 64 character AND only inside quotation marks) JoystickNameInWindowsGameOption = "Logitech WingMan Strike Force 3D USB" ;it should prevent GPL disable FFShifter Joystick“s ;FFB, it means that you will not need to unplug, ;plug back the Joystick uset by Ghostve“s FFShifter ;software each time starting GPL, and no need for ;pressing FFshifter Ctrl 1 keys, and I can use all ;buttons for different functions, except the Joyst. ;Button for for Reverse (hope it works for you) ;Please notice that the Shifter unit supp. must be ;in AUTO mode("Shifter_Mode = AUTO" see at the top) ;to get the FFShifter support to work AND this has ;only been tested under WinXP Home DK(SP2)& W2K US ;(SP4) with FFShifter's 6_gear_R.fff setup under ;"ForceField File Loaded" ;--------------------------------------------------
  • Automatic Setup of Font size dependented on GPL's resolution: [ GPL Font ]------------------------------------------------------------------- Auto_Set_GPL_Font_Size = 1 ;OPTIONS: 0 1 2 3 4 ;EFFECT: ;1 = Automatic setting of GPL text size, dependent ; on GPL resolution, will e.g use optx15b & 16b ; font at resolution 1280x1024 instead of the ; default size 9b/10b ;2 - 4 = Also Auto. setting, but with bigger text ; e.g for smaller monitors: ;2 = e.g. 17" Monitor in high resolution ;3 = e.g. 16" ;4 = e.g. 15" in 1280x1024 (optx20b) ;Please notice that these setting has no effect on ;GPLshift“s TrackIR & Shifter message text size ;-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Direct FrexGP 6Speed Shifter (Hshift+) support when GPLshift's "Shifter_Model = AUTO" can't detected installed MS SideWinder software, or installed with “None“ Scheme setup I have created this support because I couldn't install the MS SideWinder US sw (v3.02/v4.0) for Win98 under WinXP Home (SP2) Danish version (country bug?)
  • Added "SetDeadZoneViaNumKeyb = 0": (so you can use the number keyboard for other functions) ;-------------------------------------------------- ;OPTIONS: 0 1 ;EFFECT: SetDeadZoneViaNumKeyb = 0 ;1 = You can also use the number keyboard“s # 0-9 ; for changing the DeadZone size, ; Remember that Num Lock must be on ; (DeadZone also uset by Look_Up_Down function) ;-------------------------------------------------- Changed:
  • "ReCenter =" ---> "RecenterButton ="
  • "UserDefineFOV = 3FAE3DA8" ---> "= 78.0" (Field Of View in degress)
  • "LookLRMaxAngle = 30" ---> "= 45"
  • DeadZone max. level 90 ---> about 60%
  • Changed the version numbering 0.710/0.711/0.720 to GPL's concept
  • Removed the unrealistic "UserDefineSOV =" Fixed: The wrong TrackIR ReCenter position KNOWN ERRORs: "Switch_Between_Modes =" does not work JSJ May 6, 2006


    Fixed missed [ DRIVER VIEW ] support with the GEM2 69Cars Fixed the problem with GEM2 69Cars driver head is mounted on the rear wing Fixed missed TrackIR 4 Unit Vector Expand support Fixed CTD in [ LOOK AROUND ] "ViewCarEngine&RearWheel = 1" function December 26, 2005


    Added TrackIR VE Move Up/Down (Y) Support May 28, 2005


    Fixed missed [ DRIVER VIEW ] support with the TC-MOD Cars April 22, 2005


    Fixed the problem with missed TrackIR Vector Expansion support under Windows 2000 (GPLshift+ bug) February 24, 2005


  • TrackIR Vector Expansion support (6DOF): Added X (move Side to Side) Z (move In/Out)

    Remember to setup "LookAroundMode = 1.TIR" in GPLshift.ini under "[ LOOK AROUND ]"

    Changes in GPLshift.ini because of the TrackIR VE support:

    "[ LOOK LEFT/RIGHT ]" name, changed to "[ LOOK AROUND ]"

    "LookLRResetButton =" name, changed to "ReCenterButton ="

    "Look_Up_Down = 0" Default setup, changed to "= 1"

    The [ ZOOM ] and [ DRIVER VIEW ] functions has no effect in TrackIR VE mode January 28, 2005


    Fixed the AL Shifter connected to 2-IN-1 Box support bug (CTD) second time :( January 11, 2005


  • GPLshift+ runs now with NaturalPoint 4. generation software (v4.0 Build 18): Supports NP's

    2D/6DOF LOOK Left/Right, Up/Down (Yaw, Pitch) in GPL (6DOF Z support will come later in next version, I hope) December 13, 2004


    Fixed the AL Shifter connected to 2-IN-1 Box support bug (CTD) December 1, 2004


    Fixed the Look Left 45 deg. problem November 21, 2004


  • In TrackIR Enhanced mode support for Look Left/Right, and now also Up/Down:

    (no irritated TIR moving of the cursor e.g. under replay) [ LOOK LEFT/RIGHT ]------------------------------------------------------------ Left_Right_Mode = 1.TIR ;OPTIONS: OFF #.BUT #.POV 1.MOU 1.TIR ;EFFECT: ... Look_Up_Down = 1 ;OPTIONS: 0 1 ;EFFECT: ;1 = Look also up & down with the TrackIR unit in ; Enhanced mode -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  • Adjust the Driver View Up/Down & Forward/Back position (3D moving) in GPL's

    In Car View: (this is only a supplemant/alternetiv to GPLSA's GPLDV part) [ DRIVER VIEW ]---------------------------------------------------------------- Up&Down = 1 ;OPTIONS: 0 1 ;EFFECT: ;0 = OFF ;1 = Move the DRIVER VIEW up & down by using ; left Shift key with ARROW keys: ; Up = Up ; Down = Down ; Right = Not uset yet ; Left = Back to default position Forward&Back = 1 ;0 = OFF ;1 = Move the DRIVER VIEW forward & back by ; using left Ctrl key with ARROW keys: ; Up = Forward ; Down = Back ; Right = Not uset yet ; Left = Back to default position NB: You can't save the DRIVER VIEW positions in this first version, and there can be some problems with the maximum moving and the driver's head position -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  • Lift your real left arm/hand (with a DOT) and the driver in GPL "In Car View"

    will do the same: (emulate Space key) [ TrackIR LIFT ARM ]----------------------------------------------------------- LiftRightArmLevel = 3 ;OPTIONS: 0 1 2 3 4 5 ;EFFECT: ;0 = OFF ;1 = Lift your real right arm with the (1st/2nd) ; DOT up to level 1, and the driver will do ; the same In Car view ;5 = Highest level -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  • Have now moved the text "GPLshift+ has detected...Shifter..." to 2nd. line to

    to avoid conflict with F10 arcade view & S. Magnusson's GPLDDM Util. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MISSING: GPLshift+ does not auto load a eventuel TrackIR GPL profile (gpl.tir) because it request support in gamesupport.np file, as I understand it. GPLshift+ can't setup TrackIR (NP software) in Enhanced mode, so remember pressing NaturalPoint software key for switch to Enhanced mode. (default F8) Right mouse button single/double Click for Look L/R "reset to front of view" has been disabled in TrackIR Enhanced mode (1.TIR) LookLRResetButton support with TrackIR In Enhanced mode works only with NP v3.11 or higher I will try to fix some of these problems in next version, if possible Sorry for my English, I am Danish JSJ September 16, 2004



  • Add AUTOmatic detecting of ACT LABS Shifter connected to the new 2-in-1 Adapter Box

    (thanks to Yippee38 for the test)


    Some small news for Look Left/Right MOUse support:
    • Linear moving now, instead of non-linear
    • And 3 new commandos for Mouse compatible device (e.g TrackIR unit) with following example of setup: LookLRStartAngle = 0 ;OPTIONS: # ## ### ;EFFECT: ;Set the start angle your can see with the MOUse ;compatible device up to 122 degrees, ;Please notice: use only number(s) LookLRMaxAngle = 122 ;OPTIONS: # ## ### ;EFFECT: ;Set the maximum angle your can see with the MOUse ;compatible device, between 20 and 122 degrees ;Please notice: use only number(s) LookLRResetButton = 1.8 ;OPTIONS: #.# #.## ;EFFECT: ;Select a button (e.g Steering Wheel button) for ;resetting the Look L/R back to front of view ;(instead of using TrackIR software F12 key) ;Notice: The Un/Freeze state will not be change
    • Use the number keyboard (0-9) to change DeadZone setup in GPLshift.ini NB: You can't change the DZ via the # keyboard under replay, because GPL using it for the videomacine functions. And the changed LookLRstart & LookLRMaxAngle setup has no effect under replay The DZ default has been change from 0 to 1 (about 10% of the mouse moving) Don't worry about the change Look L/R Max. 122/141 degrees view, it's still the same angle as before with 135/180 deg. in older version of GPLshift+

  • 0.571:

    • Now with current GPLshift.ini in the .ZIP file, Sorry


    • Use your MS compatible mouse or e.g a TrackIR for analogic Look L/R in 0 to 135/180 degree angle, and use right mouse button for Freeze/Reset to front of view Singe click: Un/Freeze the view Double Click: Back to front of view in off mode "Left_Right_Mode = 1.MOU" ON/OFF state under GPL upstart: (Default) Play mode: ON Replay Mode: OFF (click right mouse button for ON state) Notice: "ViewCarEngine&RearWheel = 1" don't work (disabled) went using mouse/TIR for Look L/R (to many bug, need more time to fix it)
    • Change of CHAT message "Watch it" to "No Problem" BUGs: All the old still there + Some problems with the new Look L/R MOUse support: Look 45,85 135 via button don't work, with the MOUse enabled, sorry Be aware of you can't shift to the follow views if you are looking left/right: F1O view, Replays camera view: Roll Bar, Nose, Gearbox Front Susp. Rear Susp. and maybe others But it works if you are in front of view or inside DeadZone area (Double click the left mouse button and you are back in FOV with MOU support disabled) Another little problem: When you press Shift, Ctrl, Alt keys then the Look will jump back to front of view, so long as you the key down Cancel: I have cancel the release of LOOK L/R AXIS support because of to many problems, need more time, use instead M. Linkquist fine tool GPL Glance


    • AUTOmatic detecting of FrexGP Hshift+ unit
    • And show the names & Controller ID# In Car view, if found
    • Shifter_Behaviour mode 9: (also good for Hshift+ ,with 5 gear Cars) 1 3 5 - 2 4 R -


    • Only fixed some wrong "GPLshift+ has detected..." text message


    • Show the Cars engine and rear wheel in Look L/R 135 degrees view
    • Set FPS display on under GPL upstart (instead of ALT-F)
    • Display the "GPL USB Shifter" game controller name under GPL upstart, if found
    • New Shifting_Behaviour: (8) R 2 4 (6) 1 3 5 -
    • Use only 2 buttons (e.g steering wheel) for Look Left & Right 45, 85, 135 degrees by using a quick Double* or TripleClick, e.g through this setup for Look left: Enabling of Triple Click (2 x DoubleClick) : Look_Left45d_Button = 0 Look_Left85d_Button = 0 Look_Left135d_Button = 0 Press button 0: 45 degrees view OR 1st double click: 85 2nd double click: 135 DoubleClick: Look_Left45d_Button = Look_Left85d_Button = 0 Look_Left135d_Button = 0 Look_Right45d_Button = Look_Right85d_Button = Look_Right135d_Button = Press button 0: 85 degress view OR double click the button: 135 My TripleClick setup for Force RS Wheel buttons (with a GPL USB Shifter) Left_Right_Mode = 1.but <-- Force RS have gamecontroller ID number 1 Look_Left45d_Button = 0 <-- Left Paddle Look_Left85d_Button = 0 Look_Left135d_Button = 0 Look_Right45d_Button = 1 <-- Right Paddle Look_Right85d_Button = 1 Look_Right135d_Button = 1 DON'T USE SAME BUTTON for Look Left & Right

      See some Look Left Right, Zoom...here

  • BUG fixed: Shifting_Behaviour = 7 ;didn't work [ Clutch Device ] Clutch Threshold: only 90% work (#5) LOOK RIGHT 85 degrees Ok now:
  • Known BUGs in 0.551: The GPL gearstick still moving before the driver ARM The car stand still in the PIT, but you can see the rear wheels sometime roll. slow (in the wind?), (to you press the brake pedal) this is not a GPLshift+ error, but a GPL replay problem, I thing, also some graphic error in this view Text conflict e.g between "GPLshift+ has detected..." and GPL own F10 view (cockpit info), PAUSE, etc Other multiplayers can't hear you missing gear shift (ShftErr.wav) because GPL don't support any gear sound in local Multiplay, I don't know about GPL own gearshft.wav in online (VROC) Multiplay

  • 0.541:

    BUG fixed: Some empty "_Button = " lines under [ SEND CHAT MESSAGE] & [ VOLUME CONTROL ] could give problems and bloking for other functions


    • Send 4 CHAT message under Multiplay: "PO" "PI" "Sorry!" "Watch it" via POV/Buttons
    • Change GPL volume control via POV/Buttons (instead of in GPL Options/Setup)
    • Use a GPLshift.ini without extra ";comment......." lines (GPLshft2.ini)
    • Share same POV Hat or keyboard ARROW Keys between some functions:
        LOOK L/R & ZOOM, sharing POV Hat: Left up = Look L 45degree Left = Look L. 85 " Left Down = Look L. 135 " Right up = Look R. 45 " Right = Look R. 85 " Right Down = Look R. 135 " UP = ZOOM forward Down = ZOOM back ZOOM & GPL Volume Control Level sharing POV/ARROW keys: Left = Volume Down Right = Volume Up UP = ZOOM forward Down = ZOOM back
    • CHANGE:
        [ Clutch Device ] Clutch_Threshold = BEFORE: NOW: 1 = 90% 5 = 50% 2 = 85% 6 = 60% 3 = 80% 7 = 70% 4 = 75% 8 = 80% 5 = 70% 9 = 90%
    • BUG fixed:
        This should work now with only 2 buttons, (e.g) [ ZOOM ] Zoom_In_Out_Mode = 3.BUT Zoom_Out_Button = Zoom_In_Button = Zoom_Reset_Button = 3 Zoom2UserDefineFOV_SOV_Butt = 4
    • The Pitboard Zooming problem (that was hard)


    • You can now use the keyboard ARROW keys (KA mode) for Zooming
    • Save the ZOOM position for Front Of View (also for the 45 deg. left/right view)
    • Save the ZOOM position for Side Of View (85,135 degree view)
    • You can use Keyboard (again) for GPL good old Look L/R 45 Degree view, (e.g: X Z) undependent of 85/135 setup in GPLshift.ini

      Look_left85d_Button = 7

      [ ZOOM ]

      Zoom_In_Out_More = KA ;Keyboard Arrow key

      SAVE FRONT OF VIEW ZOOM POSITION: (also for 45 deg. side view)

      Set the ZOOM as you wish, by pressing the Up/Dw Arrow key, then press the

      HOME key and the position will be saved in the line:

      UserDefineFOV = 3F9A9DA8

      SAVE SIDE OF VIEW ZOOM POSITION: (85/135 deg.)

      Press button 7 and HOLD it, and then press Up/Dw Arrow for current setting

      of position, final press the "HOME" key (still holding buttons 7) and the

      SOV will be save in line:

      UserDefineSOV = 3FBF5DA8

      These saved position (UserDefineFOV/SOV =) will also be uset next time

      you starting GPL


    • Only bugfix: GPL crached (CTD) when you have enabled GPLshift+ LOOK L/R or/and ZOOM support and in the same time assign. buttons for Look left, Right in GPL's OPTIONS/CONTROLS


    • 2 new POV options for ZOOM function:
    • POV Left = Reset ZOOM to nomaly view
    • POV Right = ZOOM max (closes to the dashboard)
    • More zooming (forward)
    • New Shifting_Behavior mode: (#7)
      • R.....2.....4....(6)
      • -......1.....3.....5


    • LOOK L/R and ZOOM functions has been split up, so it can use diff. game controllers buttons/POV
    • Prevent GPL USB Shifter reserve 2 AXIS, seems to have a effect under WinXP where you can't set the game controller as you wish, and in som case also giving the FFB effect back to Force RS Wheel (I don't know about others FBB game dev.)
    • Use all GPL 16 AXIS support between 5 Game Controller, instead of only 2, so you don't have to disconnect your 3rd game conn. (e.g FFB JoyStick) each time you run GPL, - and I can now use my game controllers without losing AXIS:
      • ACT LABS Force RS (4 AXIS)
      • ACT LABS Performance Pedals (5 AXIS)
      • LW GamePad (2 AXIS) (not use here)
      • ACT LABS USB Shifter (0 AXIS)

  • 0.505:

    • Fixed another jump back to window (CTD) under GPL upstart, when selecting button(s) for SHIFT UP / DOWN in GPL CONTROLS setup

  • 0.504:

    • Fixed a serious Jump back to window Desktop BUG, when using this options:
      • Clutch_Shift_Sound = 1
    • Fixed a wrong Shifting_Behaviour mode when sw from BRM to a 5 gear car

  • 0.503:

    First public of GPLshift+ 0.5 with new supports:

    • AUTOmatic detecting of your ACT LABS Shifter model and ID#
    • Support for "Clutch must be pressed down before any GPL gear shift",
    • With error sound (a .wav file made by you)
    • Support for Reset CAR by pressing a button, (instead of the keyboard Shift-R)
    • Support for quick Start/Stop of GPL Replay by pressing a button, (3 time)
    • Look Left/Right also now in 85 and 135 degree in the CAR view
    • Use your GamePad, or other game controllers buttons/POV for these new functions, found in GPLshift.ini


    Has not been public



    Sep 2000: First version for a private test in Denmark (only with a RS Shifter support)


    First publiced version in Oct. 5 2000:

    See the copy of my first message at ACT LABS Forum